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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Healthy Diet - Best Diet Plan, Calorie Counter

Healthy Diet app is that the simplest and best healthy eating & weight loss app

The primary goal of this app is eat healthy and obtain fit. This app focused on health goals like daily calorie intake goal, diet plan & steps goal. We believe that if anyone completed their goals then he can definitely get positive result for fitness. That's why we build this app.

Low fat diet, high calorie or low calorie, low carb or high protein? This app assist you to seek out a diet suited consistent with your need.

Need a fitness tracker(steps and exercise tracker)?. Want to trace steps and exercise on day to day . Then HealthyDiet app is formed for you.

This App basically contain major features like eat Healthy Diet, Diet plan, food tracker, food diary, calorie tracker & healthy food recipes, keto diet, step tracker, workout manager and workout tracker, and reduce with during a single App.

Healthy Diet Features-

● Food planner & macro tracker
● No Coach Needed
● Diet plan & diet tips for your goal - reduce & eat healthier food
● Calorie counter & food tracker with all nutrients
● Macros calculator - track your daily macros, nutrition & calories
● Meal planner - eat healthy food from delicious recipes for any plan
● Step and Health tracker - stay top of your fitness & health

● Browse an outsized food database
● Create custom foods and meals
● Get a customized daily calorie goal supported your profile information
● Keep track of your weight and progress over time
● Review detailed data and make custom daily goals for your nutritional intake of protein,
fat, carbs, fiber, sugar, sodium & more
● Easily keep track of your water intake


Calculate you daily calorie goal and track daily calorie with this app and feel healthier. Count or track your daily calorie with reference to your daily goal.


 reduce together with your personal diet plan. Create your diet plan with Healthy Diet app with easily and calculate results of diet plan after one week and one month. Create diet plan consistent with your weight lose goals.


 There are many Food and recipe available for meal planner. Healthy Diet app will suggest you low fat recipe, High protein, low carbs recipe for meal planner with all nutrients.


Step tracker, workout tracker, Calorie counter & food diary features will assist you track your daily nutritional values at a look .
FOOD DIARY, FOOD TRACKER & MACRO TRACKER :- It’s very easy with macro tracker - will assist you achieve the proper sort of nutrients with the macro calculator.

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