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Friday, January 17, 2020

Keysight BenchVue Mobile app

Keysight BenchVue Mobile app and all information

This app from Keysight Technologies lets you view and control a broad range of Keysight oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, spectrum analyzers, function generators and power supplies. Perfect for monitoring long running tests or when instrument access is inconvenient, BenchVue Mobile gets you connected to your bench. Measurement visualization, screen and data capture, and instrument control are possible for Keysight instruments from your phone or tablet.

Key Features

Data logging controls
Set instrument parameters
Start and stop measurements
Mobile access to your LAN, GPIB, USB or RS232 connected instruments
Collaborate by having multiple mobile devices connect simultaneously


BenchVue Mobile may be a companion app for Keysight's BenchVue software and requires installation of Keysight BenchVue software on your Windows PC to speak together with your instruments. If you haven't already installed BenchVue, it's available at no cost here:

Supported Instruments (The instruments listed below are sold by Keysight and in most cases were formerly sold by Agilent)

Digital Multimeters
34401A, 34405A, 34410A, 34411A, 34450A, 34460A, 34461A


InfiniiVision 2000 X-Series, 3000 X-Series,4000 X-Series, 6000 Series, 6000 X-Series, and 7000A/B X-Series.
Infiniium 9000A Series and S Series.

Spectrum Analyzers

N9030A PXA, N9020A MXA, N9010A EXA, N9000A CXA,N9320B, N9322C,E4440A, E4443A, E4444A, E4445A, E4446A, E4447A, E4448A,E4402B, E4404B, E4405B, E4407B, E4403B, E4411B, E4408B

Function Generators
33210A, 33220A, 33250A, 33521A, 33522A, 33509B, 33510B, 33511B, 33512B, 33519B, 33520B, 33521B, 33522B, 3611A, 33612A, 33621A, 33622A

DC Power Supplies
E3631A, E3632A, E3633A, E3634A, E3640A, E3641A, E3642A, E3643A, E3644A, E3645A, E3646A, E3647A, E3648A, E3649A, N6700A/B, N6701A, N6702A, N6705B, N6950A, N6951A, N6952A, N6953A, N6954A, N6970A, N6971A, N6972A, N6973A, N6974A, N6976A, N6977A, N7950A, N7951A, N7952A, N7953A, N7954A, N7970A, N7971A, N7972A, N7973A, N7974A, N7976A, N7977A

How to use this App1. Install Keysight BenchVue on your Windows PC.

2. Start BenchVue on your PC and hook up with your instruments.
3. Enable mobile access in BenchVue.
a) First, enable mobile access within the main settings and set a mobile password.
b) Then, enable mobile access for every instrument that you simply want to access.
4. Start this app and tap “Connect to BenchVue on PC”
5. hook up with BenchVue by doing one among the following:
a) Enter the IP Address or hostname of your PC and your password then tap "Connect”, or
b) Display the BenchVue QR code on your PC, then tap the Scan button in BenchVue Mobile to scan it, or

c) Use BenchVue to send an email to your mobile device with a link to attach .
6. Tap an instrument to look at and control it.

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